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Collagen Complex

We Solve Skin Multi Collagen Complex Supplement Pills for Her 1500 Mg - Type I, II, III, V, X - Supports Joint and Bone Health, Skin, Hair Growth, Teeth, Nails, Weight Loss, & More (90 Capsules)



My skin feels smoother, softer with less dryness and redness on my cheeks and hands after ten days of using the product. I am looking for a simple way to add some essential collagen to my diet in decreasing brown age spots, red spots and wrinkles. Collagen is helping me achieve these healthy goals. I like Collagen because it plays a role in strengthening my skin, as well as skin hydration, reducing wrinkles and dryness. So far I have seen some improvement after using these collagen caps, it has the five essential types of collagen so it should be helpful for a path to healthy skin and decreased dryness and age spots, eczema. The caps are large, no after taste and effective.


I am very satisfied with my purchase and have noticed changes in my skin after ~3 weeks of use. I only take 1 capsule per day vs. the recommended amount and have noticed results. Take with food to avoid a stomachache!


My roommate is using these to continue his collagen regimen. After taking these for a good while he told me it feels like these are continuing the support of his skin and hair. It is working for him with no side effects. He’s very happy with these pills. They are doing the job.

J. Spiegel